Vendor Managed Inventory

At the heart of our Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) service are highly developed delivery and order management processes

We understand how vital it is to provide our customers with a reliable and seamless supply of stock. Meticulous records are kept for each and every component to enable near instant recall and reporting. We are accredited and all stock control processes are in accordance with British Standards Institution – BSI.

It is recognised that customer demand is rarely perfectly stable and to counter this businesses are often compelled to carry an inventory buffer or “safety stock”. To minimise this pressure and cost, many of our customers take advantage of our pre contract Service Level Agreements – SLAs to provide; price stability over the lifetime of a contract in the form of a call off order agreement; a timetable for delivery promises; agreed stock holding; regular stock monitoring reports and re-order point alerts.

We can also respond in periods of rising and/or falling demand by offering our customers the flexibility to call-off as much or as little stock as they need at any point in time throughout the life of the contract.

Your requirements for special packaging, specific labelling and timed deliveries can also be incorporated into any agreement.

Working with our customers to create a truly coordinated relationship means that a cost effective and robust supply chain is more likely.

In conclusion, customer service is paramount in everything that we do and we will, wherever possible, go out of our way to satisfy customer needs with intelligent stock management.

To find out more on our vendor managed inventory service please call us on 023 8025 8966, alternatively leave us a message using our contact form

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