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Blue Diamond make things better for Technical Managers

The experience we have gained in working with Technical Managers across a wide range of projects from many different industry sectors has pinpointed a common need to supply you with clear, concise and factual data whenever possible.

To help us achieve this, our own engineers have been instrumental in researching and sourcing software, inspection and analytical equipment in order for us to provide answers to most of the questions you may have.

We realise how important it is to not only support our customers’ needs but also, on occasions, to take the lead when presented with complex components and applications. The depth and breadth of knowledge that we have attained over 40 years in dealing exclusively with mechanical components often proves invaluable and we are always pleased to share this knowledge with you.

It is recognised that the pressure placed upon Technical Managers to handle an increasingly complex range of disciplines often leaves insufficient time to explore all of the alternatives you would wish. Our skills, we believe, provide you with an opportunity to confidently transfer some of the work load to us!

For example, we start by providing an online enquiry facility where you can easily attach and send 2D/3D drawings and other specifications on our Automotive Components, Custom Parts, and Industrial Components pages.  All messages will be acknowledged personally by a member of our team.

We continue with a structured, systematic and well documented approach. We complete with component or service you expect.

More information about our technical capabilities and be found in the videos in the section below.

If you’re a Technical Manager and you’d like to find out more about how we can help you please call us on 023 8025 8966, email us at or open our contact form to send a message

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Finite Element Analysis

Taking Measurement Seriously

Metal Analysis

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Laser Marking

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