Sourcing custom parts overseas need not involve huge quantities or high risk.

Sourcing custom parts from overseasDue to its extensive experience in working with trusted suppliers in the Far East, Blue Diamond Technologies, now part of TRITEC Performance Solutions, can offer custom parts in low minimum quantities (500 pieces) without the need for high minimum orders that run into thousands of pieces.   This allows customers to source a custom part with very little risk and minimum cost.

“There are many ways we can help our customers get the best outcome from sourcing low cost custom parts. Using our services removes many of the problems and risks associated with sourcing directly from suppliers in the Far East.” explains Mike Doel, Business Development Manager, Blue Diamond Technologies.

“Customers often contact us because they cannot find a standard product to do the required job and they don’t want to compromise on product design or quality. Frequently, they also want to buy low quantities to test the market before daring to commit to the higher volumes often demanded by large overseas manufacturing organisations”.

Blue Diamond assists with design for manufacture and has the knowledge and engineering resources to evaluate components and suggest modifications that will make the parts easier (i.e. more cost effective) to manufacture. Once any modifications are approved, Blue Diamond may well be able to supply parts at a lower price, within a shorter lead time, or in a smaller batch quantity, or some combination of these.

Where there is a problem with a part – for example durability, fit, function etc. – Blue Diamond will work with the customer to understand as much as possible about the issue and assess any possible design alternatives. Prototypes can be produced for evaluation and once approved can be taken through to full production.  Scope of supply includes machined components, metal parts, turned parts, stainless steel parts, aluminium parts, brass parts, cast parts, plastic components and sub-assemblies for applications as diverse as submersible pumps, domestic showers, vending machines and temporary buildings.

Blue Diamond’s Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) service provides a vital and reliable service, which allows their customers to have a seamless supply of stock. Blue Diamond will deliver the parts needed at specific times solving any problems of storage for the customer.

Blue Diamond can also respond quickly to periods of fluctuation in demand, by offering customers a 12 month call-off order agreement for a pre-agreed amount of stock, whereby Blue Diamond allows the customer to call off as much or as little stock, as long as all the stock is taken within the agreed year.

Further options include the provision of labelling, bar codes and packaging, which can also be incorporated into customer agreements.

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